Saturday, June 30, 2007

Vogue pattern 2971

Here are photos of the new Vogue Koos pattern. I love it! I purchased all of the fabrics on my Springtime in New York trip this year. The black/white stripe is a knit fabric. The panel down the front of the skirt is sewn on, stitched in rows and then cut apart. It is cut on the diagonal so it won't fray. Be sure to use your notches and check the pattern instructions for sewing the skirt together. It is not difficult, just unusual.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

What the videos look like

Here's a full-size screen-capture from a playing video. The pdf pages can be scaled to your monitor, but the videos always play at the same size, which you can see by clicking on this image.

Inside "Sewing Leather"

Adding to Kathryn's up-coming webpage about her new CD-ROM workshop, here are some additional images that may prove interesting:

(Be sure to click on each image to see it larger.)

The CD label (The belt shown here is one of two included projects on the disc, complete with full-size printable patterns.)

The pdf Cover page

The Topics Page (page 2 of the pdf, for navigating its contents)

Screen-captured title-frames for all the topics covered in the 14 video segments


Here is a photo of my co-op student Christie's handbag. She is just learning how to sew. Christie designed and drafted the pattern herself! The bag is made from shearling , which has been dyed to resemble an animal print and black lambskin leather.

The Academy of fine Sewing & Design

Here is a picture of the fully equipped studio. Cutting room and library are a separate room.