Sunday, September 30, 2007

Leather Workshop

We have just finished another leather workshop here at The Academy. The students are close to finishing their garments. Sue from Belwood made a beautiful cowhide jacket with shawl collar for her daughter. The pattern was from an old Burda magazine. Elizabeth from Hamilton revised a Vogue pattern for this supple suede jacket. Juanita from Chicago used a Simplicity pattern to make a red lambskin dress. Dorothy from Buffalo copied a ready to wear cape, made her own pattern and completed this beautiful cape lined with cashmere. She used the raw edges of the skins as a design detail. Mary Ellen of Buffalo had the same blue leather and used a Vogue pattern for her jacket. Mary from Buffalo used the same leather as my green jacket in a nice red/orange variation to make this Vogue jacket.
A great class with a wonderful group of students!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shearling Vest Workshop

I have just completed a shearling vest workshop at Creative Styling in Westport, Ontario
During the 3 day workshop participants worked on a vest of their own design. You can see from the photos that shearling comes in all different lengths, textures and colors.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


Here are some photos of necklaces made for Ce Podolak by her friend Susie Montgomery of California. The colorful one is made from pieces of bakelite that had been a baby rattle of Ce's. Notice the extension that allows the wearer to decide on the length of the necklace. The other two are full of interesting trinkets. I saw all of these while I was teaching in Vancouver.
Susie shows her work at the
Mingei International Cultural Art Museum in San Diego, La Jolla Fiber Arts Store, and Earth Spirits in Palm Desert, California. She has sold over 60 necklaces in the past 10 years.