Monday, November 19, 2007

Shearling Workshop

We have just completed a five day shearling workshop here at The Academy. Shearling is lambskin leather or suede with the wool still attached. It comes in a variety of colors and lengths. Two students shared a bundle of shearling and made the same jacket using Vogue pattern 8340. One student used long hair Tuscano lamb. Another student lapped the seams of her cream colored shearling allowing the hair to be seen. The last student used Vogue 1266 to make a full length coat. Great job done by all!


Erica B. said...

Those coats are absolutely beautiful! I you don't mind, can you suggest a vendor for purchasing the shearling? Thanks!

Kathryn Brenne said...

As part of the workshop, these students purchased their shearling from a wholesaler. You can purchase shearling from Perfect Leather at 555 King St. W. in Toronto and Libra Leather in NY.

Nathan said...

Good job on the coats! I have some questions too: What kind of home machine would you recommend for sewing and feeding shearling effectively? I'm looking into dual feed options, such as the Pfaff 1222. And what about thread gauge and needle type and size?
Any advice would be appreciated.

Kathryn Brenne said...

Most home sewing machines can handle the shearling but you will require a Teflon foot, size 90 or heavier needle depending on the thickness of the skin. Depending on the type of seams you are planning all purpose polyester thread or heavier topstitching thread are suitable. A walking foot is helpful for thick areas.