Monday, July 9, 2007

Vogue 8397

Here are the new pants from Marcy Tilton's trio of pants pattern for Vogue. I love the pants! They are very fast and easy to make up and comfortable to wear. I made them out of a rayon blend doubleknit from It has the perfect weight and drape. Fiber content is: 38% rayon, 35% polyester, 23% nylon and 4% spandex.
The pants have vertical seams in the front, which make them very slimming.


Anonymous said...


I looked at this pattern and immediately thought it would only look good on someone as tall as you. In your comments I would really appreciate it if you could mention body type the pattern might be suited for. Many thanks.


WandaJ said...

This is the first time, I've logged into your blog. I'm enjoying looking at the wonderful garments you have made.

I too have a question about Marcy Tilton's pants pattern, which is: did you add any type of stiffener to make the pants sit out as they do on the sides?

Anxious to hear your response to my question as well as Louise's.

Kathryn Brenne said...

I didn't use any type of stiffener for the fabric. The fabric is a knit but it has some weight to it, which makes the pants hang nicely and stick out a bit like they do.
I lengthened the pattern about 1 1/2" but I think with the right fabric it could look good on someone shorter. Marcy is not that tall. Look for something a little softer for someone shorter. The style is very slimming and with the vertical lines could add height to a shorter person.