Monday, February 7, 2011

Free Form Ensemble from Verena

Several people have been patiently waiting for me to post pictures of the Free Form Ensemble I finished knitting this past fall. The over dress was designed by Margery Winter for the Spring 2010 issue of Verena knitting magazine. I fell in love with the tunic and put together the main colours which were knit from Filatura Di Crosa Luxury 100% silk yarn and the narrow stripe from Berroco Oragami yarn.
This was a very fun project to knit! It is called a Free Form Ensemble because you drape the garment as you knit it. The hem is sewn up here and there and various stitches are used throughout.
I made the plain black dress to wear underneath from a knit fabric sewn out of a DKNY pattern Vogue 2091. The neckline is cut quite low but it was perfect to show off the open knit of the tunic. I found the perfect black and cream shoes to wear with the outfit!
I wore the outfit to an evening cocktail party at Vogue Knitting Live held in New York City last month. The woman behind me in the entrance line up was Mari Lynn Patrick, who had written the pattern for the magazine! She enjoyed seeing the tunic made up.


Anonymous said...

golly gee whiz, Katherine
do you knit or what!

no doubt you whipped this up on your summer holidays!!

Best wishes for another very successful year
Audrey Middleton

Debbie McGuire said...

Wow! The outfit is exquisite! The attention to detail is something rarely seen today and the fact that you knit the tunic and made the dress just makes it even more wonderful. Can't wait to see you wearing it in person!