Sunday, March 6, 2011

Custom Made Buttons and Machine Knitting

I recently attended a machine knitting workshop with Carolyn Barnett of Kingston, ON. Carolyn does wonderful machine knit sweaters with custom made buttons
Here is my first machine knit sweater. It has an asymmetrical hemline with contrasting hem and sleeve facings. It is made from fine merino wool. I made buttons to embellish it as well as several other buttons for future projects.

Carolyn will be coming to North Bay to teach a one day button making workshop and an introduction to machine knitting workshop. For more information contact my daughter's yarn shop Stix and Stones 705-223-8245.

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KnitKnut said...

Thanks, Kathryn....your buttons are amazing! You've really run away with this one. I hope you do more machine knitting as you did so well first time out of the gate.
Soooo looking forward to my visit to Rae's store and to North Bay. Recruiting some more machine knitters!!!